We greatly appreciate anyone that desires to assist us in making the Northern Nevada Estate Planning Coucil more effective and productive.  If you are interested in being involved with a committee, please send an e-mail to any of our leadership team members or to .

Presently, we are building the following committees for our council: 

Program Committee:  This committee works together to make our events flawless and fun.  The Vice President is the Chair of this Committee.  If you would like more input into the programing for our morning meetings, the May event or the Annual meeting/social event, please contact Elaine Jenks, the Vice President ( to join this committee. 

Membership Committee:  We are building a new membership committee, with the objective in 2023 to define the membership committee's mission, set achievable growth goals, celebrate our legacy members, introduce new members to our membership at large and build a robust, valuable council with some fresh faces and new ideas. Please contact Ann Rosevear ( or William Creekbaum ( to join this committee.