President's Dinner and Annual Meeting

Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Louis' Basque Corner
Speaker: Bill Douglass, Co-Founder of the Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno
We are excited to announce that Bill Douglass, Co-Founder of the Center of Basque Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno will be the speaker at our annual President's Dinner & Annual Meeting.  His presentation will focus on the Basque Country & Northern Nevada.  His presentation will be followed by a seven course Basque dinner at Louis Basque Corner.  Attendee's will choose steak, chicken or shrimp as their entree.  A cash bar will be available.  Spouses are encouraged to attend this fun night out.  
Our Annual Meeting will be held August 22 at Louis’ Basque Corner at 6:00 p.m.
We will engage in a short annual meeting for the purpose of Electing Officers and modifying the Articles of Association.
The slate of Officers being nominated by the Executive Committee is:
·         Immediate Past President – Darcy Houghton, Attorney at Law
·         President – Jim Marren, CFP
·         Vice President – Gino Pascucci, Trust Officer
·         Treasurer – Ludmilla Popper, CPA
·         Secretary – Bryce Rader, Attorney at Law
In addition, the Executive Committee seeks to amend the Articles of Association as follows:
·         MEMBERSHIP   
The Council maintains three membership levels:
1.       Lifetime Members – A Lifetime Members is a Member who has held full membership in the EPCNN for twenty-five years.  Lifetime Members shall be exempt from paying annual dues, but will be asked to pay for meetings they attend at the individual prices. 
2.       Members  - Council Members shall consist of individuals who have attained the designations approved by the National Association of Estate (NAEPC) Planning Councils as gateway designations for the AEP (Accredited Estate Planner) in the year of application.  Absent future modification of the Bylaws by the Members, any Member, once being admitted as a Member, shall not subsequently lose membership status because the NAEPC modifies its gateway designations.   Members must have two years of experience where their practice/work is primarily dedicated to estate planning, or an equivalent number of years of service – this may mean that certain professionals who only partially practice in estate planning will require additional years of experience to qualify as a member.
3.       Associate Members are other persons with two or more years of experience, actively involved in a calling or profession directly related to estate planning (such as planned giving, guardianships, etc.), but whose profession or occupation is not set forth above.  Associate Members must be engaged in activities that support Members in their professions and may not compete with the Members.
4.       Non Members:  Non-Members are divided into two groups:  Guests contemplating membership and Non-Members who are not qualified in one of the above membership categories.  Guests may attend (2) meetings as a guest of a Member, but then must apply and qualify in one of the above listed membership categories.  Non-Members may attend only those events open to Non-Members. 
5.       Member Candidate: 
A Member Candidate is a person who is engaged in a Member profession, or who holds a Member Designation, or who is actively involved in training and committed to fulfilling the requirements to enter into or obtain a Member profession or designation, but who has not attained that requisite designation, professional credential or years of experience necessary to apply to the EPCNN as a Member.  A member Candidate may not vote or hold office in the Council but may support the Council in committees.  A Member Candidate must qualify for and apply as a Member within 5 years of becoming a Member Candidate.  Member Candidates may attend all meetings in Carson City, the Annual Meeting and the Annual Education Event and one regular meeting in Reno (as a guest of a Member) as well as all Webinars and other meetings that are offered in addition to the regular monthly meeting.  Member Candidates may only reference their affiliation with the council as a Member Candidate and not describe themselves as a Member or use another general description inferring such.  Member Candidates will not qualify as an Associate Member as their work will usually compete with, rather than support Members.
Membership shall not be limited for the Council and for each profession.  The Executive Committee shall determine the number of Associate Memberships allowed and the suitability of each applicant for membership as an Associate Member or may delegate this duty to a Membership Committee.   All members of the Council must be interested in and actively practicing estate planning or related subjects in Northern Nevada.
The annual dues of the Council, due and payable each September 1, shall be $175.00 (or such amount as may from time to time be selected by the Council) for each member.  The annual dues shall include the regular monthly meetings (in each geographic area) but shall not include the annual CLE event, dinner events, or other networking events. 
No assets of the association shall inure to the benefit of any individual member and in the event of dissolution or termination of the association any remaining assets shall be distributed to the National Association of Estate Planning Councils, a non-profit Delaware corporation.
Membership – The primary change to the Membership category is to 1) align membership criteria with the National designations.  In 2017, the NAEPC adopted an expanded list of membership designations to include:  CAP, CFA, CFP, ChFC, CLU, CPA, CPWA, CSPC, CTFA, JD MSFS, and MST.   The second modification is to limit trust officer membership to CTFAs.  The council has previously allowed membership to any trust officer with 2 years’ experience.  This has created some challenges as trust officers have become members and then entered another financial services field.  The Board proposed total alignment with the national gateway designations.  It has also provided to grandfather all current members into the organization.
Dues – The Board seeks to raise dues to $175.00 per year.  This is due in part to 2 changes:  1) the rising cost of breakfast meetings and 2) the desire to add the NAEPC Leimberg benefit.  The Leimberg Service will be available to all members.  Additional information about this service can be found at 

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