“The Modern Trust – The Art of Properly (and Effectively) Passing and receiving Wealth”

Date: Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Time: 7:30am - 9:00am
Location: Atlantis Hotel & Casino
Speaker: Richard A Oshins

Most advisors who, including many who specialize in wealth planning, frequently fail to appreciate the most fundamental fact of estate planning:  It is always better for their clients and their descendants to receive wealth in trust than to receive those same assets outright. Tragically, they fail to appreciate the powerful benefits that trusts provide as well as the enormous and unnecessary loss of assets that most families will suffer if wealth is passed either outright or in a trust that is inadequately designed, implemented and operated.  This session will explain the ultimate trust design strategy to provide maximum income and estate tax benefits, and creditor and divorce protection for your clients. The presentation will also discuss why trusts are likely to be the most powerful income tax shelter device that your clients and how trusts can be used to obtain multiple basis step-ups.

RICHARD A. OSHINS is a member of the Las Vegas law firm of Oshins & Associates, LLC where he concentrates in tax and estate planning with a substantial emphasis on multi-generational wealth planning particularly with regard to closely held businesses. Mr. Oshins is regarded as one of America’s top estate planning lawyers advising wealthy clients throughout the United States. In addition, he has been an advisor and consultant to many of the largest financial institutions in the United States. He has been listed in both The Best Lawyers in America and Martindale-Hubbell's list of Preeminent Lawyers from their inception, and has been inducted into the Estate Planning Hall of Fame® by the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils.  Dick was also selected by Worth magazine as one of the Top 100 Attorneys in the United States and has been named one of the 24 “Elite Estate Planning Attorneys” by the Trust Advisor. Mr. Oshins has lectured extensively on innovative tax and estate planning strategies and is the author or co-author of many articles on estate planning.  He is on the Editorial Board of Estate Planning Magazine and Advisory Board of CCH.

Prior to coming to Nevada, Dick worked in the Office of Tax Legislative Counsel, U. S. Treasury Department. That office is represents the administration on matters of tax policy. While at Treasury, one topic Dick worked on was the abuses of trusts. After leaving TLC, he was able to take advantage of the preferred techniques that he learned and expand and refine the design strategies into what he believes is the “Perfect Trust”. It is a trust design that maximizes the benefits and minimizes the risks for all potential recipients, with minimal, but meaningful adjustments depending upon the inheritor’s profiles.

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