NAEPC Webinar Your Clients Want a KISS Plan, but the IRS May Have the Last Dance—Planning for Simplicity and Tax Efficiency, for Clients who May Not Have to Pay Estate Tax

Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2023
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location: Dunham Trust
Speaker: Miriam Wogan Henry

Join us at Dunham Trust for a Lunch and Learn event!  

Clients see the benefit in simplicity and are asking why they need complex planning with high estate tax exemptions.  But the answers are not so simple.  A simple plan can run as smoothly as a well-timed two-step or it can turn out to be a tangled twist—the IRS may have the last dance if you don’t plan carefully.  This program will consider:

            *  The benefits of a simple plan and how to help you client determine if KISS is the right route for them.

            *  How to include alternatives to swing into tax savings if circumstances change.

            *  State income tax planning.

            *  Charitable and GST planning options.

Miriam Wogan Henry is a partner in the Tax Practice Group of Jones Walker LLP and a member of the Jones Walker’s board of directors. Miriam focuses on estate planning, including family wealth transfer plans, charitable planning, and business succession planning, along with advising clients regarding fiduciary litigation and transfer tax controversy matters. 

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